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          Contact Us 聯系我們

          Phone: 0768-6666033
          Fax: 0768-6612633
          URL: http: //www.amcorairpurifier.com
          E-mail: msdcy@msd-cn.com
          Postcode: 515638
          Contact: Li (Marketing)
          Phone: 0768-5822216
          Mobile: 18823510022

          Latest News

          新聞資訊 / News

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          Zheng always invited to participate in the CTF annual supplier conference and receive the company was awarded the "leap Progress Award"...

          發布日期:2015-4-3    閱讀數:8421

          April 18, 2013 General Manager Mr. Zheng Dadian was invited to attend the world-renowned brand Chow Tai Fook (Hong Kong main board, code 01929) Annual Supplier Conference. Division I & ldquo; stable quality, timely delivery & rdquo; etc. honored & ldquo; & rdquo ;. leap Progress Award It is reported that the total of the Top Four CTF & ldquo from gold, jewelry, packaging, logistics, hundreds of suppliers CPC; leap Progress Award & rdquo ;, Our company is the only packaging supplier to receive this honor.

          Anbu text in the industrial zone, Chaoshan Road, Chao'an, Chao'zhou,Guangdong Province


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