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          Phone: 0768-6666033
          Fax: 0768-6612633
          URL: http: //www.amcorairpurifier.com
          E-mail: msdcy@msd-cn.com
          Postcode: 515638
          Contact: Li (Marketing)
          Phone: 0768-5822216
          Mobile: 18823510022

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          Provincial Food and Drug Administration, and deputy director of the provincial inspection Zhengsuo Zhang and his party to visit our research ..

          發布日期:2015-4-3    閱讀數:8688

          6 18, the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration to any great progress, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Medical Device Quality Supervision, Inspection and 鄭彥云 director at the city, county Food and Drug Administration and other comrades, accompanied by my Division research.

          Mrs Yam, Zhengsuo Chang and entourage along with our in-depth workshop on-site research, asked in detail about the business situation. Start of the year in Division I made good momentum of development, are very happy. Meanwhile, our workshop standardized management and strict quality consciousness, to give full recognition. And encouraged enterprises to further expand our production capacity, improving product quality, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, further to expand business.

          Chaozhou Food and Drug Administration Shaorong Liu Secretary and Deputy Secretary Huang Zemin Liu Juchang county offices, accompanied by research.

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          Anbu text in the industrial zone, Chaoshan Road, Chao'an, Chao'zhou,Guangdong Province


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