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          Contact Us 聯系我們

          Phone: 0768-6666033
          Fax: 0768-6612633
          URL: http: //www.amcorairpurifier.com
          E-mail: msdcy@msd-cn.com
          Postcode: 515638
          Contact: Li (Marketing)
          Phone: 0768-5822216
          Mobile: 18823510022

          Latest News

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          He apply for recertification audit by QS, QS certificate to the issuance of the Division I

          發布日期:2015-4-3    閱讀數:8589

          our company as QS already licensing business, according to the new requirements of certificate authentication, related audit agency The agency's commission, the company's production sites, the necessary production equipment and testing equipment necessary to the new standard for a new round of assessment, annual results after passing the relevant agencies to issue our new QS certification. We will in the next work, good quality and safety checks discipline of this threshold, persistent efforts to further improve product quality and production efficiency.

          Color Printing Co., Ltd. Guangdong Midea Roth
          Department of Management
          April 26, 2014

          Anbu text in the industrial zone, Chaoshan Road, Chao'an, Chao'zhou,Guangdong Province


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