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          Under the new situation of drug packaging companies have fought in the high-end market

          發布日期:2015-4-3    閱讀數:8432

          in new products, new drug formulations emerging today, China's pharmaceutical packaging materials industry market space is huge, broad prospects. In recent years, the rapid growth of China's pharmaceutical market, enterprises attach great importance to pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging industry's GDP accounted for more than 10% of the gross production of the packaging industry.

          Medical Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging category belong, with the rapid social and economic development, pharmaceutical packaging industry is more mature. Diversified types of drugs, but also to bring pharmaceutical packaging in the form of diversification, accelerated the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry.


          In simple terms, drug packaging is in direct contact with drug packaging materials and containers, packaged it and form a complete listing of drugs drugs, to some extent, affect the validity of marketed drugs within the stability, safety and quality.

          the current contribution rate of China's pharmaceutical industry, drug packaging materials low: In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging has accounted for about 30% of the value of drugs, while the proportion of China's less than 10%, the current 65% of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging still lags behind the world average of the last century, the 1980s, the growth of a large space.

          and abroad compared to drug packaging production level China is clearly still in the primary stage: drug dose lack of accuracy, lack of child medication packaging; pharmaceutical packaging rough, not easily accessible; for drugs, linen, fine, put other special management pharmaceutical packaging lack of security; drug smallest package is too large to fit the needs of clinical use of other common problems, making the overall value of the drugs greatly reduced.

          For these situation, drug packaging industry is improving. Countries are increasing efforts to develop pharmaceutical packaging materials industry, the majority of projects have been included in the national focus on encouraging the development of industrial products and technologies catalog. It also contributed to the high-end market, the major companies have fought the introduction of foreign advanced production lines, accelerate technology development, and complete the upgrading of various drug packaging materials.

          Therefore, the relevant departments and the continuous efforts of the pharmaceutical industry, China's drug regulatory and pharmaceutical standards also need to continue to improve, and only so can only gradually realized the drug packaging industry and international standards

          Anbu text in the industrial zone, Chaoshan Road, Chao'an, Chao'zhou,Guangdong Province


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