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          Contact Us 聯系我們

          Phone: 0768-6666033
          Fax: 0768-6612633
          URL: http: //www.amcorairpurifier.com
          E-mail: msdcy@msd-cn.com
          Postcode: 515638
          Contact: Li (Marketing)
          Phone: 0768-5822216
          Mobile: 18823510022

          Latest News

          企業介紹 / Corporate Profile

          HOME > ABOUT US > Corporate Profile

          GUANGDONG MEISHIDA COLOR PRINTING CO., LTD is a professional drug packaging manufacturer, has a modern garden-like plant more than 25,000 square meters, is equipped with 100,000 purification plant and 10,000 laboratory, and has several sets of drug packaging production needed for the modernization of advanced production equipment and testing equipment equipped.

          Companies adhere to the scientific management, establish and improve a set of modern enterprise management system, through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System certification. The company won the State Food and Drug Administration issued a Class I drug packaging registration card over 10. And met with China Resources days Guilin, Guilin Sanjin, Guilin Pharmaceutical, Guizhou Yi Bai, Guizhou magic, Jiangxi Renhe, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Jilin Wantong, Guangdong Yili Group, Kunming flame, Chenzhou Sanjiu Benxi three drugs, Beijing Sanjiu, Yellowstone Sanjiu, more than 30 large well-known pharmaceutical companies to become long-term strategic partner. The company in 2014 by China Resources Sanjiu Medical Packaging Resources medicine supplier audits, and is classified as a Class A suppliers.

          Ten years, the company won the "taxpayer", "exemplary taxpayer," "outstanding private enterprise" and "civilized private enterprise", "safety standardization Enterprise".

          Success comes from your trust in the United States and Roth, and strive to create a first-class drug packaging professional production companies is our relentless pursuit of the goal. US Roth in "good faith, abide by the quality, service first" commitment to work together with our customers to develop an accomplice to create Albert.

          Anbu text in the industrial zone, Chaoshan Road, Chao'an, Chao'zhou,Guangdong Province


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